Postdoctoral Fellows

Candidates from Germany or the UK: Special funding opportunities are available for postdoctoral fellows who are citizens of Germany (at any time) or the UK (application deadline in early January). Candidates should forward a CV and contact information to

Marie Curie Fellowships: Our group is regularly successful in obtaining such fellowships. Applications from postdoctoral candidates of any nationality with a strong CV who are not already working France are encouraged. Please get in touch with Joseph as early as possible since applications are typically due in September. You will be given full support in crafting a high quality application.  Candidates should forward a CV and contact information for two references to

Doctorants / PhD Students

MRT Fellowships: About 14 PhD fellowships in chemistry are available each year to students of any nationality. However, in my experience students who have done at least part of their Masters in France with high marks have the best chance of success. Applications are typically due in April to start a PhD in October. Further instructions  can be found here. Short-listed candidates will be contacted and required to give an on-site interview and research presentation in June.

Master’s Projects

If you are thinking about doing a Master and want to work in our lab, we strongly recommend you apply for the CSC Graduate School in Complex Systems Chemistry. This provides a €600/month stipend during your MSc degree followed by a fully funded PhD fellowship. Applications are due in early March for the beginning of the Masters in September.

For those already doing a Masters degree, motivated candidates should send their CV and a transcript of their marks to Candidates should ideally contact me in the fall for a project starting early the next year.