Vuk wins poster prize at SCF-18

Vuk Vuković has won the EuCheMS poster prize at the 18th meeting of the French Chemical Society (SCF), held this week in Montpellier. His poster described the use of HFIP to enable dehydrative Friedel-Crafts reactions for a variety of alcohols. Way to go, Vuk!


Paul wins an MRT fellowship

Congrats to M2 student Paul Chatelain, who has won a PhD fellowship from the French Ministry of Education. Paul will stay in our group for his PhD studies, which officially begin in October 2017.

ERC Starting Grant

Joseph has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant (1.5 million €)! The award will allow us to pursue our dream to create reaction networks that resemble biological metabolism. Informal inquiries regarding doctoral and postdoctoral positions related to this project are encouraged at any time. See the related article in the university newsletter and the announcement from LabEx CSC (both in French only). Funding for the project will begin in September 2015.