The group currently consists of the PI, 2 postdoctoral fellows, 7 PhD students, 1 MSc student and 1 part-time administrative assistant.

Postdoctoral Fellows (2)


gb Dr. Edward Richmond (PhD 2014, St Andrews) 

Ed is from Yorkshire, England. He studied chemistry at the University of York, spending the final year of his Master’s degree on placement with F. Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel. He completed his PhD at the University of St Andrews, Scotland under the supervision of Prof Andrew Smith and joined the group in 2014 as a Leverhulme Trust fellow. Ed has worked on a variety of projects and has already published 10 papers in the group. Outside work Ed enjoys playing football and the music of Bruce Springsteen. In July 2018, he will start a position at BASF.


plDr. Kamila Muchowska (PhD 2015, Edinburgh) 

Kamila was born and raised in Gdansk, Poland and obtained her MSc Eng degree in Chemical Technology from Gdansk University of Technology in 2011. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to pursue a PhD in physical organic chemistry with Dr Scott Cockroft and defended in September 2015. Kamila joined the group in January 2016 to develop metabolism-like reactions potentially related to the origin of life. She has already published two papers with the group. Outside work, she enjoys everything science-y, a good workout, training martial arts, listening to opera and experimenting with food, not necessarily at the same time.

PhD Students (7)


in Sreejith Varma (MSc 2014, Pune)

Sreejith was born and brought up in the south Indian city of Cochin. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s studies at IISER Pune. He began his PhD studies in our group in September 2015, with a focus on understanding how amino acids could be synthesized and polymerized in the context of  a carbon-fixing prebiotic metabolism. He has already published 3 papers with the group. In his spare time he enjoys trekking, travelling, origami, doing crazy (funny/amazing) science experiments, training himself to be a crazy scientist, cooking and classical violin.


rs Vuk Vukovic (MSc 2015, Strasbourg)

Vuk was born in Belgrade, Serbia, where he graduated from the University of Belgrade. In 2015, Vuk obtained a Master’s degree in Chemistry and Biology at the University of Strasbourg. He joined our team in September 2015 with an MRT scholarship to work on dehydrative Friedel-Crafts reactions of alcohols enabled by aggregation of Brønsted acids. He has published 3 papers with the group. Outside the lab he enjoys piano practice, choral singing, calligraphy, psychology and traveling.


fr Elodie Chevallot-Beroux (MSc 2016, Strasbourg)

Elodie was born in Troyes, France. She completed her Master and Engineer studies in Strasbourg at the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials. In September 2016, she joined our team to develop catalytic reactions that mimic core metabolism. She has published a paper with the group. Outside work, Elodie enjoys running, swimming, CrossFit and making her own clothes thanks to couture.


fr Lucas Lethuillier (MSc 2016, Strasbourg)

Lucas was born in 1993 in St Avold (France). In 2016, he completed a Master’s degree in Chemistry & Biology at the University of Strasbourg. He joined the team in October 2016 to work on reaction sequences inspired by metabolism as well as site-selective reactions under Vibrational Strong Coupling. He has published one paper with the group. Outside work, he’s a DJ and treasurer for an association that he created with friends to promote the music they love. He also enjoys playing soccer and basketball.


fr Paul Chatelain (MSc 2017, Strasbourg)

A true European (half French, half German) Paul was born in Dijon, France (the city of mustard!) and raised in Paris, Vienna, The Hague and Freiburg (Germany). In 2017, he completed a Master’s degree in Chemistry & Biology at the University of Strasbourg. He joined the team in October 2017 with an MRT fellowship to work on metabolism-like CO2-fixing reactions as well as a new type of Suzuki cross-coupling. He has published one paper with the group. He speaks three languages (English, French, German), is a keen traveler and a lover of exotic cuisine.


fr Florent Noel (MSc 2017, Strasbourg)

Florent was born in New Caledonia, France. He completed his MSc in molecular and supramolecular chemistry in 2017 at the University of Strasbourg. In November 2017, he joined our team to override traditional selectivity patterns using directed Brønsted acidity. His PhD is co-financed by a scholarship from the Région Grand-Est. Outside work, Florent enjoys working out, long-boarding, reading and cinema.


cn Shaofei Zhang (MSc 2016, Shaanxi Normal University)

Shaofei comes from Shaanxi, China and studied chemistry at the Northwesten University, China. He joined Prof. Yu Fang’s group at Shaanxi Normal University in 2013, where he obtained his MSc in 2016. Afterwards, he worked at SRED as a chemical engineer. He won a CSC fellowship and joined our team in November 2017 to work on mechanistic studies of boronic acid catalysis and AI-assisted reaction discovery. Outside the lab, he enjoys photography, badminton, table tennis and basketball.

Masters Project Students

cn Jing Yi (M2)

Administrative Assistant

fr Nathalie Monnin 

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

es Leandro Cotos-Muñoz (2014-2015). Current position: Postdoc at ECPM, Strasbourg.

fr Malik Hellal (2012-2015). Marie Curie fellow. Current position: PolyPlus-Transfection, Illkirch.

de Florian Falk (2012-2013). French Embassy fellow. After: BaChem, Basel, Switzerland Current position: BaChem, San Diego, USA.

Former PhD Students

fr Eléna Wolf  (2012-2015).  After: Postdoc at BASF JONAS (2015-2017). Current position: Research associate, BASF, Trostberg, Germany

ua Marian Dryzhakov (2012-2016). Current position: JSPS Postdoc at University of Tokyo (Prof. Makoto Fujita).

Former Masters Project Students

fr Anaëlle Bolley (M1, 2014)

fr Margot Combas (M2, 2014)

fr Nour Hussein (M1, 2015)

cn Guang Li (M1 and M2, 2015, 2016)

cn Jing Yi (M1 and M2, 2016, 2017)

fr Paul Chatelain (M2, 2017)

fr Florent Noel (M2, 2017)

Former Visiting Students

it Stefania Musolino (Smith/Taylor groups, St Andrews, Scotland, August-October 2017)

jp Kazuki Fuji (Suga group, Okayama University, Japan, March 2015)

pk Ismat Ullah Khan (Hassan group, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan, Feb-Aug 2015)

jp Junya Yamamoto (Suga group, Okayama University, Japan, Nov 2015)