Dr. Jing Yi

Congrats to Jing Yi on successfully defending her thesis! She is the tenth PhD student to graduate from the group. Special thanks to jury members Prof. Erwan Poupon (Paris Saclay), Dr. Yann Trolez (Rennes), and Prof. St├ęphane Vuilleumier (Strasbourg) for being part of the jury. Best of luck!

New publication

Marie’s paper on the generation of trifluoromethylated all-carbon quaternary centres through the hydroarylation of trifluoromethylated styrenes is accepted for publication in ACS Catalysis. Thanks to Robert for the last-minute mechanistic help. Congrats!

Harpreet presents for NASA’s PCE3 Research Coordination Network

Harpreet Kaur presented her PhD research (as well as some of Emilie’s and Sophia’s) on rare metal catalysis in prebiotic chemistry at the latest virtual meeting of NASA’s Prebiotic Chemistry and Early Earth Environments (PCE3) Research Coordination Network. As a bonus, don’t miss the 5-minute introduction to protometabolism by Kamila Muchowska. Well done, Harpreet!

You can watch her talk here (skip to 12:20)

New publication

Nik, Sergiu and Robert’s paper on how HFIP facilitates enamide hydroarylation is accepted for publication in Chemical Science. Lots of important mechanistic insight in this one and a great example of how collaboration makes a paper better. Congrats!

Liebig Lectureship

Joseph has received the 2022 Liebig Lectureship from the Organic Division of the German Chemical Society (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker). The award is given each year to an outstanding young scientist in organic chemistry, preferably one working in a European country outside Germany. Joseph will give a series of lectures in Germany in January 2023 and a virtual lecture for EurJOC to be announced in the near future. The list of previous laureates can be found here.