Paul wins an MRT fellowship

Congrats to M2 student Paul Chatelain, who has won a PhD fellowship from the French Ministry of Education. Paul will stay in our group for his PhD studies, which officially begin in October 2017.

New publication

Vuk, Ed and Eléna’s article on HFIP-assisted dehydrative Friedel-Crafts reactions of highly deactivated benzylic alcohols has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. It is Vuk’s first paper from his PhD and Eléna’s last. Congrats!


New publication

Marian, Ed and Guang’s article on catalytic substitution of alkyl fluorides has been published in Journal of Fluorine Chemistry. Special congrats to Guang, who did a large part of this work during his M1 stage.toc

Jean-Pierre Sauvage wins 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry!

Congratulations to friend and senior colleague Jean-Pierre Sauvage for being a co-recipient of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry! He received the award jointly with Prof. Fraser Stoddart  and Prof. Ben Feringa for the development of molecular machines.  Jean-Pierre becomes the third Nobel Laureate in Chemistry at our institute! See story.

Celebrating with our newest Nobel laureate, Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage, October 2016