Ed leaves for BASF

Congratulations and farewell to long-time group member Dr. Ed Richmond, who accepts a research position at BASF in Ludwigshafen. Ed published ten papers in the group (six as first author), with still more to come. We are grateful for his many contributions over the years, both scientific and social. He will be missed. Best of luck in the new career and come visit often!

New publication

Ed, Jing and Vuk’s paper in Chemical Science shows that hexafluoroisopropanol solvent enables simple monosubstituted cyclopropanes to undergo ring-opening hydroarylation – no donor-acceptor motif required. A good chunk of this work came from Jing’s M2 internship in our group. Special thanks to the Rowley group from Memorial University in Canada for the DFT calculations. Congrats to all!

TOC v2

New publication

Ed and Vuk’s paper on the accelerating effect of HFIP solvent on nucleophilic ring-opening of donor-acceptor cyclopropanes has been published in Organic Letters. Congrats!

Donor Acceptor TOC

New publication

Vuk, Ed and Eléna’s article on HFIP-assisted dehydrative Friedel-Crafts reactions of highly deactivated benzylic alcohols has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. It is Vuk’s first paper from his PhD and Eléna’s last. Congrats!


New publication

Marian, Ed and Guang’s article on catalytic substitution of alkyl fluorides has been published in Journal of Fluorine Chemistry. Special congrats to Guang, who did a large part of this work during his M1 stage.toc

New Publication

Congrats to Ed and Ismat, whose article on regiodivergent functionalization of allylic amines using dual nickel/phosphoric acid catalysis has been accepted in Chemistry – A European Journal.