Dr. Jing Yi

Congrats to Jing Yi on successfully defending her thesis! She is the tenth PhD student to graduate from the group. Special thanks to jury members Prof. Erwan Poupon (Paris Saclay), Dr. Yann Trolez (Rennes), and Prof. Stéphane Vuilleumier (Strasbourg) for being part of the jury. Best of luck!

New publication

Jing’s work on a non enzymatic analog of pyrimidine nucleobase biosynthesis has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Congrats!

New publication

Florent, Vuk, Jing, Ed and Pavle’s article on the synthesis of CF3-bearing allenes, chromenes and olefins starting from propargylic alcohols has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congrats!


New publication

Ed, Jing and Vuk’s paper in Chemical Science shows that hexafluoroisopropanol solvent enables simple monosubstituted cyclopropanes to undergo ring-opening hydroarylation – no donor-acceptor motif required. A good chunk of this work came from Jing’s M2 internship in our group. Special thanks to the Rowley group from Memorial University in Canada for the DFT calculations. Congrats to all!

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